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All religions are good in that they teach their followers to be honest, decent, and  help your fellow human beings.  It is the people who interpret and inject their own feelings and biases, which make things worse.  And now if you add politics and politicians to the above mix, then things really can become Explosive. Here are some commonalities among all religions, such as to Honor your parents, give help to the poor, it is wrong to harm innocent people, and raise your children to be honest , decent, law abiding citizens.

How similar these religions are?   Here are some between Christianity and Sikhs.

Christianity is one of the oldest and the Sikhs are one of the youngest religions.  Numberwise, Christianity is the largest and Sikh is the fifth largest.  The Christian population today is about 2.5 billion, whereas the Sikhs are about 45 million.  Nevertheless, Christianity originates from Jesus Christ’s life and teachings, and Sikhism is based on the lives and teachings of Ten Sikh Gurus, with Guru Nanak being the First and Guru Gobind Singh being the Last.  The Sikhs’ Bible is called Guru Granth Sahib, and the Sikh “Vatican” is Amritsar in Punjab.  There is a Sikh Parliament called Shromini Gurudwara Prabandhik Committee ( SGPC) and, in fact, yes, Sikhs even have a Pope, who is called Jathedar Amal Takhat.

Both religions believe in One God, all equal… rich, poor, men, women.

In fact, on that subject, this is what Sikh Guru says about woman: “A woman who gives birth to

Kings, Queens, Presidents, Prime ministers, how can that woman be less than a man?”

The Main Prohibition in Sikh Religion is smoking.  Long hair with a turban, a steel bangle, a sword, a comb and a special kind of Underwear are part of Sikh Religion.

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Harvinder Sahota MD, FACC, FSCAI

Harvinder Sahota MD, FACC, FSCAI


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