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Jesus Teaches Unity

Jesus was constantly frustrated by the dualistic, us-vs-them thinking within his deeply multi-cultural eastern Roman Empire world. His parables, teachings, and actions showcased unrelenting themes of unity, with strong attempts to broaden the world-view of most anyone...

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  Jainism, an ancient and probably the 6th largest religion of the world is an integral part of India. The Jain tradition, which enthroned the philosophy of ecological harmony and non-violence as its lodestar, flourished for centuries side-by-side with other...

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All religions are good in that they teach their followers to be honest, decent, and  help your fellow human beings.  It is the people who interpret and inject their own feelings and biases, which make things worse.  And now if you add politics and politicians to the...

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Commonalities in Religions

There are many religions in the world today. Among the religions there are similarities and differences.  Religions differ in their world views, beliefs in the Ultimate Reality, nature and role of human being in the world, and the concept of salvation. Religions,...

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Transcending Ordinary Human Consciousness

Yoga is best known for the often-impressive physical postures that are so widely displayed in images, advertising and t-shirts around the world. What is not as well known about yoga, especially for those who do not practice it, are its philosophical, psychological and...

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