Pro-Ject' Understanding

The world’s great religions have far more in common than that which separates them, but in today’s news cycles the impression is often the opposite. Pro-Ject’ Understanding calls upon scholars and practitioners who are respected religious leaders of integrity to write and distribute short essays first to highlight core values and ideas held in common with other religions manifested in principles, texts and practices of the religion, and then to respond to the essays of others. And in this way we can assist the people of the world into an atmosphere of greater brotherhood, peace and understanding.

As an example, some religions share common origins, such as the Prophet Abraham for Judaism, Christianity and Islam.


And all religions hold values such as the care of the poor. Religions and spiritual philosophical traditions also hold in common long traditions and experience that are not as readily apparent. These include practices of spiritualism within Hinduism as well as the Christian Pentecostal Church. Or the experience of connectedness with that which is larger than oneself in contemplative practices, as found in Buddhism or ancient and contemporary mystical traditions of Judaism, Christianity and Islam.  These are all practices that cultivate humility before the Divine and others in order to bring compassion to the world. It is our firm belief that these statements will highlight the enormous commonalities between all people’s religious and spiritual traditions, and a focus upon those commonalities will help to guide us all toward a deeper sense of calm, peace and understanding.  May it be so.

*This project expressly is not intended to advocate in favor of any particular religion or state of belief.  In addition, no one who is being paid by any government or receives any political monies will be involved as a leader in this project so that we can strictly maintain an atmosphere of neutrality and integrity