Essays By Faith



  Three years ago, on an invitation, my wife and I went to Vancouver, B.C Canada to participate in a 3 day long consecration ceremony of a new Jain temple there.  While there, one day one of our friends took us to an officially named “Highway to Heaven”. This is...

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Need for Interfaith Dialog

  WHY AN INTERFAITH DIALOG All lives including that of humans have coexistence, co-destiny and are interdependent. Without the support of so many people, the journey of my life and that of all of us will not be Even a hermit needs the support from All  items of...

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  Jainism, an ancient and probably the 6th largest religion of the world is an integral part of India. The Jain tradition, which enthroned the philosophy of ecological harmony and non-violence as its lodestar, flourished for centuries side-by-side with other...

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